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Samples of Work LaneCoArts

Samples of Work LaneCoArts

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Then There are None /  Excerpt

Then There are None / Excerpt

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ANA DEO-Dance Place 3 Min

ANA DEO-Dance Place 3 Min

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ASKEW Excerpt

ASKEW Excerpt

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Press Kit



“The choreography - innovative and striking, the dancers - both technically solid as rock and sinewy, liquidy in their own personal movement signatures, the technical elements - beautifully understated in support of the dance yet quite impressive in their own ways.

Thank you so much again for sharing.” Kathryn Boland / Dance Informa


 “The evening of work was beautiful and affecting.”
Lisa Clair / Associate Curator and Coordinator / Performance Project University Settlement


 “Your work is edgy, clever, technically strong, and simply stunning - thank you for bringing it to the BCA.” Andrea Blesso / Boston Center for the Arts


“Lane Gifford really knows how to grab the audience and take them away to a brief moment of paradise.” (Off White) iDANZ Critix Corner


“I respect and admire Lane as a choreographer, not only for the integrity and beauty of her work, but also for her tenacity and fearlessness in delivering her artistic vision.” Max Stone / Teacher, Choreographer


“I thoroughly enjoyed your work. It was theatrical, technical, and inventive even with only low-tech lighting to enhance the atmosphere. Your company is fresh, energetic, and committed to intention and nuance.” (The Garden, 2012) Michael Blake / Director, Joffrey Ballet School Jazz & Contemporary Program


 “Lane Gifford packs delicious movement into landscape but breaks things up beautifully with anxious speaking and relaxed running; the combination is breathtakingly good. She also chooses music well, tossing in a spicy throw down section that drips street energy and amps the landscape. The movers are exceptional; the men move with silky power and the women with solid electricity. Even in this company, David Scarantino stands out for his flow and buttery extension at full speed. The speaking bits are just odd enough to keep us focused, with dancers lining up to deliver stammering expressions of need and yearning to an onstage microphone. Something deeply exciting is happening here.” Quinn Batson /


 “Landscape is Lane Gifford's creation. “Here’s the thing,” the words echo from a microphone downstage. The group commands the audience’s attention, sometimes peeling into solos and duets, sometimes folding into an ensemble, all moving together. They line up and speak and stutter into the mic about what they want - from coffee tables to coffee - anything and everything superfluous in life. It’s a piece that uses different forms – music, recording, speaking, movement, props – seamlessly.” Jennifer Thompson / EYE ON THE ARTS, NY


 “Major theatrical magic is created here; Gifford and her troupe, LaneCoArts, deserve a shot at a larger theater and a longer form.” (O! Balletto)  Elizabeth Zimmer, Metro New York


"Gifford and her company may be the most innovative and accomplished dance company performing today. Watching a performance by them makes you believe in the future of dance."  Tom Berner/Audience Member


 “Beautiful, regal, humorous….” “Passion and rules of behavior collide in a dazzling display of dance, drama and music in O! Balletto.”    AmericanTheaterWeb Original News & Review


“A thoughtful commentary on social development.” (O! Balletto)  Irene Backalenick, Backstage


“Lane Gifford really knows how to grab the audience and take them away to a brief moment of paradise.” (Off White) iDANZ Critix Corner


“Jake's Dilemma spoken poetry delivered and danced well enough to make us care about his dilemma and recognize our own.”



“Your work is wonderful - full of nuance and intrigue, and the dancers are sublime.” (landscape)
Megan Williams / Dance Faculty – Conservatory of Dance / Purchase College



“Your work is always compelling, visceral, full of images that take hold of mind and eye.” Alice Teirstein / Educator, Director/Young Dance Makers, Former Director Dance Department/Fieldston School


“I really loved having you in the festival and I'm so glad you could be a part of it this year.  Jonathan and I were blown away by your choreography and the strength of your dancers.” Sarah Dell'Orto / Jonathan Hollander – Battery Dance/Downtown Dance Festival


“We are looking forward to a continued collaboration.”

Catherine Tharin/ Director/Curator / Fridays At Noon / 92Y Harkness Dance Center


Outreach Educational Programs / Commentary


“You are so kind to share your time and talent with so many.  You have enriched our entire community.”

Carrie Trenholm / Endowed Chair of Elementary Arts Education/ Southern Utah University


“So impressive.  Regarding your workshop….. wonderful.   Important work.    You received rave reviews (from the students). I loved the clarity, and the potential for application of the concepts.  In the studio, on "the arts" you are so incisive.    Please know how much I respect and admire your very professional and articulate work. Thank you for sharing your consummate expertise and artistry with us.”

Alice Teirstein / Former Chair Department of Theatre, Music and Dance, Fieldston Upper School


“So illuminating. You opened (the students) to a whole set of new connections.”

Fieldston School / A Teacher


“…extremely popular with students.”  “Her choreography for the children, is innovative and exciting.” 

Kentucky Day School / Jeannine Ary, Music Director


“I'm so sorry I didn't get to talk to you after the benefit event! The performance was wonderful. I'm so honored to know you and be involved with LaneCoArts. Especially in these bleak days we need beautiful, imaginative dance more than ever.” Audience Member/Arts Patron / 2016 Performance

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